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Seniors And Lawmen Together - S.A.L.T.

DCSO PhotoSeniors And Lawmen Together: The 2019 volunteers.DCSO PhotoThe Seniors and Lawmen Together team (S.A.L.T.) is a group of volunteers who patrol the trails of the Iowa Great Lakes region during the summer months. From May through October the volunteers ride a donated Polaris ATV from the north end of the trail around Big Spirit Lake to the south end at Milford and along the west side of West Lake Okoboji. A typical summer will see the S.A.L.T. team log over 6,000 miles while maintaining the safety of the bikers, walkers and rollerbladers who utilize the trail system. Each volunteer is trained and certified to operate the ATV and also carries a cell phone and radio to report emergencies and problems to the Communications Center. Aside from emergencies, the trail patrol also provides information, water and carries air pumps for bicycles.

Besides patrolling the trails, the S.A.L.T. team was a driving force behind the purchase of a portable radar trailer. The trailer was purchased by the county and each municipality in Dickinson County. The trailer can be deployed along any roadway and is shows motorists their speed as well as the posted speed limit at that location.

Another project is Project Lifesaver. This program allows family members to purchase a bracelet for those suffering from Alzheimer's to who often wander away from home. The bracelet contains a tracking device so the person can be quickly found.

The very first project S.A.L.T. was involved in was in the mid-1990s when they offered refrigerator cards to Senior Citizens. The cards were bright pink in color and showed what medications the person was taking. If paramedics were called to the home, they could get the essential information on the patient from the card and treat them accordingly.

For more information on S.A.L.T., contact Sheriff Baloun at 712-336-2793.

Interested in joining S.A.L.T.? Download the application below.

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